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DAHYUN LEEDesignation: RN

  • Contact:8572006519
  • Location:USA
  • Address:30 Cambridgepark dr. Cambridge, MA 02140
Career Objective

Strong organizational, communication, and leadership skills. Patiented centered care and delicate nursing care.

Personal Information:
  • Full Name:DAHYUN LEE
  • Father Name:Yuncheol Lee
  • Mother Name:Hyunsook Kim
  • Birth Place:South Korea
  • Nationality:Korean
  • Gender:Female
  • DOB:1990-07-24
Career Information:
  • Salary TypePer Hour
  • ExperienceEntry Level
  • Visa TypeF1
Work History:


Work Information:
  • Current DesignationRN
  • Prefered Work LocationUSA
  • Salary TypePer Hour
  • ExperienceEntry Level
Education Background:
  • BSN @ MCPHS University

    • Year: 2014 - 2018
    • Concentration/Major: Nursing
    • Course Duration: 3years
    • Result: 3.5

    Innovative accelerated programs that bring together clinical opportunities, advanced facilities, and excellent classroom instruction allow students to start their careers sooner.

Language Proficiency:
  • English
  • Korean
Special Qualification:
New grad from MCPHS university, achieved RN June 2018. Currently working at HRI hospital in Boston. I am looking forward to working at a hospital that is eligible for greencard sponsorship.